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What You Should Know About the Used Car Industry in Japan

The more you know about the used car industry, the more successful you will be in getting a great deal on a used car. Consider the following facts and ramifications:

In Japan the cost of the average new car purchased in 2000 was $31,000. On the other hand the average used car costs approximately $5,000. But a used car won't provide you with the exciting experience of getting into a new-smelling, new-looking vehicle, it will provide you with an experience many would consider even more exciting - the opportunity to save/earn thousands of credits. If you train yourself to be a sophisticated buyer, you will be able to identify a well-maintained vehicle which is suitable for your country, responsible dealer in Japan and can negotiate a great deal.

The largest domestic automobile maker in Japan are Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda.These companies in general, sales their vehicle by using their large dealership networks. In Japan a car is sold with Shaken. Shaken is a Japanese word, means motor vehicle registration. It consist of safety inspection, basic insurance (compulsory), weight tax and vehicle tax. Shaken that came with a new car is valid for 3 years and is renewable on a biannual basis. The average cost for shaken is approximately $1600. Hoken is another Japanese word means optional insurance. Japanese traffic low is very strict, thats why Japanese people never drive a vehicle without any optional insurance. The cost for an optional insurance depends on the type of vehicle and its age.

Most vehicles available on the use car market are 3, 5, 7 and 9 years old as they are sold by the user when the Shaken expires.

Most exported used car from Japan doesn't have an excellent condition. A vehicle with excellent condition rarely goes to foreign country because of its high price and demand in Japan. Some dealers misguide the foreign customers and sold an under graded car as an excellent one. Anyway, there are a lot story.

The aim of our company is to sell a vehicle with good condition and at low price. Honesty is our asset. We don't keep our client in a dark. We believe trust is very important thing for business. So we work according to our words. Judges us by a small dealing. We thing you will be satisfied and we will get another repeater. If you have any question or inquiries send a mail please.

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Our service

Used car differ in quality one by another. Various factors such as handling by the previous owner and the place where it was used, can affect the used car quality. We have a group of experienced worker, carefully inspect a used vehicle before buying. Therefore, we can serve our customer a vehicle with an attractive price. This is the story of our success.

Furthermore, we have some attractive after-sell service to all of our permanent customers.

Send us a fax, mail or give us a telephone call if you have any interest to our business.


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How to Purchase

1. Send us your requirement by fax or mail, in reply we will send the specification and price of vehicles
.... those are available in our present stock.

2. After you decided your vehicles, we will send a proforma invoice to confirm the order and pictures of

3. A percentage of the total contracted amount should be remitted to our bank account after your order

4. We will ship the vehicles on first available ship and send you a photocopy of those shipping documents.

5. We will send all original sipping documents to you after all contracted amounts remitted to our Bank


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